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For many businesses, the website often gets neglected due to more pressing prioirties and it gradually becomes less fit for purpose due to the fast pace of technology moving on.

Your website must become mobile responsive if it isn't already

Nowadays your website must work well with phones and tablets in both portrait and landscape mode. This is essential now with the availability of fast mobile data connectivity allowing people to find information and do shopping with their mobile devices whilst away from their office or home.

Websites with out of date and inaccurate information are a turn off

Potential customers are very sensitive to bad information on websites so don't let them slip through the net by not keeping your website content up to date. If you need help with this because your website doesn't allow you to update content or it is broken in some way preventing you from doing so then I can help.

Have you dealt with GDPR yet and is your website security up to scratch?

Surprisingly many CMS websites are not secure because they were built by an agency or developer who took your money and left you to do software updates or even worse did not mention to you that this is very necessary. If you are processing personal information on your website e.g. you have a contact form on your website and the software on your website is not up to date or if your website does not use the HTTPS secure protocol and SSL, you are in breach of GDPR regulations. Did you know this also has a negative effect on your search engines rankings? This is something I can deal with easily and make your website fully GDPR compliant.

So if you have a Wordpress or Joomla CMS website, please get in touch now whilst you have time for spring cleaning because many of these website problems can be fixed easily without costing an arm and a leg.

Please get in touch for a chat, no pressure - just a helping hand to get your website working for your business to attract good customers.


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