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We specialise in E-commerce online shops, brochure sites and parent carer forum websites with exceptionally secure and fast, world-class web hosting.

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With so much business being done online nowadays, online and website security (also cybersecurity) should be taken very seriously and equally important as your business insurance policies. The cost of implementing and managing online security is a business overhead that must be included in business setup and investment finance planning.

For many businesses, the website often gets neglected due to more pressing prioirties and it gradually becomes less fit for purpose due to the fast pace of technology moving on.

Your website must become mobile responsive if it isn't already

Nowadays your website must work well with phones and tablets in both portrait and landscape mode. This is essential now with the availability of fast mobile data connectivity allowing people to find information and do shopping with their mobile devices whilst away from their office or home.

If you are capturing personal information through your website using contact or registration forms or any other method and this information is processed or stored within the EU then you must ensure your business and website is complaint with this new regulation.

Starfish Websites has recently been advising and implementing GDPR compliancy changes for our clients' websites including:

  • Upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS using our auto-renewable free SSL certificates managed through our website hosting platform.
  • Writing appropriate Privacy Policy information pages.

Starfish Websites now supports HTTP/2 on its cloud web hosting service. HTTP/2 is a network protocal used by the World Wide Web. It is an upgrade from HTTP/1.1 which has been around for over 20 years and brings many benefits, which improve website performance and ultimately have a positive effect on search ranking.

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